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Hey guys today im going to make a quick guide for crossfire.  I am fairly new to the game so I will try my best to make this guide.  Please instead of flaming make suggestions for how to make this Crossfire guide better!

TD (Team Deathmatch)-Basically a firefight ending when time runs out or amount of kills needed to win is reached by either team.

Guns-  The best gun to use for beginners is a rifle.  The rifle has average rate of fire good accuracy and average damage.  A nice easy rifle for a beginner might be a scar light.  If you really like the feel of a sniper rifle and are dying to get your hands on one, an AWM is for you.  I recommend some rifle exp. before buying this gun, this kinda goes without saying as you need to be a highish rank to buy the AWM.  I personally made the mistake of buying the M60 when I was still a noob but I stuck with it and now can get 15-25+ kills per round.  My advice: stick with rifles and snipers if you would like and possibly get a machine gun later in your crossfire career.


Guns-With a rifle try to aim for the head.  For an AWM sniper there is no need to aim for the head as the pure power will 1 hit if you can hit the chest.  With the beginner sniper you need 2 shots to the chest or 1 shot to the head to kill a person with full health.  Don’t splurge all of your money on one gun before you read reviews on it and watch gameplay vids on youtube.  If you buy guns without knowledge and you dont like them and decide to sell them you will lose up to 2/3 of the money invested into the gun.

Reloading-When reloading you need to get some cover so crouch down behind something or, if you are in a close combat situation the best option would to either go in a turning pattern or just jump like heck.  So allways remember to get cover when reloading or else you may take damage or even die.

Overall (Team Deathmatch)- Remember that it is not the kills that matter It is your ratio.  What I mean by this is that a 10 kill and 5 death player helped his team more than a 20 kill 30 death person.  So don’t just concentrate on getting kills also concentrate on avoiding death.  To avoid death use the covering tips above.  Another way to avoid death is to kill your opponent before he/she kills you.  To use this strategy correctly practice your aiming and go for headshots if you can!


Thanks for reading this guide and be sure to check out my crossfire review and pictures if you haven’t yet here!


Minecraft – Guide

How to survive your first night

Ok this is the most important part of the game, First of all, you need wood. Go find a tree and hit its trunk, hold the right hand until a piece of the trunk disappears and will be a mini version of the block that you can pick up. After you get about 6 pieces of wood, press E. This will bring up your inventory. Go to the 4 blank spots on the top right corner of the page. Put your all your wood in 1 square and it should give you 4 wooden planks. Make all the wood into the planks and put them in your inventory. Now put 1 plank in all the squares. This makes a crafting table. This will expand your crafting size. Before it was 2×2 now its 3×3. Put the table down using the right mouse button. then right click it after you place it and make a pickaxe. To make a pickaxe you need 3 planks on the top and 2 sticks on the middle. To make sticks, stack 2 planks on the table. This is what it should look like to make a pickaxe.

Plank  Plank  Plank

Blank  Stick   Blank

Blank  Stick   Blank

After you make your pickaxe, go to a mountain side and find coal. the coal pretty much determines where you make your home. After you find the coal, mine it using your pickaxe. After that, dig a hole through the mountain. for the entrance, Make it 2×1. 2 up and 1 across. After that, make the rest how big you want it to be. Put your crafting table inside it and make a door. This is how:

Blank  Plank  Plank

Blank  Plank  Plank

Blank  Plank  Plank

Put the door on the ground where the entrance is. Click on the door with either the left mouse button or the right mouse button to open it and close it.

Make some more sticks and put it in the crafting table with the coal. The coal on top and 1 stick on the bottom. This should be only 2×1 2 blocks up and 1 block across in the crafting table.

Blank  Blank  Blank

Blank  Blank  Coal

Blank  Blank  Stick

After you do that, it should give you 4 torches. When night falls, the torches will lighten where ever it is placed. Put the torches in your base/shelter/home.

This is all I have for you today. Hope you survive and have fun!

Crossfire Review!

UPDATE: My new Crossfire team deathmatch guide is out now!  Learn many tips including which guns to buy, reloading tips and more HERE!

PS: Please dont be intimidated by the wall of text on the guide because i really do have some great tips to share!

Hey viewers!  Justin here! I’m going to make a review on Crossfire just for you today!

Summary:  Crossfire is probably the biggest f2p MMOFPS on the internet leaving Combat Arms in the dust.  In this review learn the pros and cons of Crossfire.  The guide to Crossfire will be coming soon!  Thanks and enjoy!


Great graphics for a f2p game

Lots of variety of guns and equipment in Crossfire’s Black Market and Store

Many diverse maps ranging from a factory to egypt

Realistic gun firing and accuracy


Crossfire has a weak hack-shield so many people have made free god mode and 1 hit programs.  Eventually one will go away but then another will appear.  This leads to many hackers that give an unfair situation to the game.  Although you can kick hackers, their kills will still be recorded for the team the hacker was on, normally unbalancing the teams.

Takes a long time to get cash and exp

Anyone can just join a game, this means that you may have pros mixed in with noobs.

Buying guns is expensive and people that use the payed coins will have an advantage.

I recommend this game to anyone that likes MW2 and/or Black ops as this is a free PC version that I think everyone should try!

Thanks for reading the review!


Here are some pics!

Have fun and think with your inner gamer! Justin~

Minecraft time! Review

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Minecraft is a blocky game with bad graphics but you can download free texture packs to make the graphics epic!

I love this game and i think this is one of the best games ever.

This game is a survival based game. You must build weapons, tools and houses to survive. There is a day and night script that makes it really dark so it is almost impossible to see in the night. You have to make torches to light the place where you are and must have weapons to survive zombies, skeletons, creepers and spiders that will hunt you down and kill you.

Here is a summary of the monsters

CREEPER: A greenish human – like monster with no arms. It will explode when you hit it. This is a dangerous monster so keep away from it!

SKELETON: The skeleton shoots arrows at you and makes a clicking noise when it is close to you. Be careful, the skeleton is a long ranged fighter and you must get close to kill him unless you make a bow.

SPIDER: The spider can climb walls and mountains so be careful. Unlike all the other monsters, the spider will not go away when it is daytime. The good thing is it will not attack you in daytime unless you hit it.

ZOMBIE: Zombies are wierd because unlike all the other monsters, you will hit them first before they can get into range to hit you. But the zombie can hit you before you hit it so be carful!

This is a very good game and you can build more than 60 different things such as a boat, a furnace, a crafting table and a bookshelf.

You can also play multiplayer and survive with friends. There are also custom maps that you must go through and solve riddles. I don’t suggest you play multiplayer until you have mastered singleplayer.


– multiplayer

– Free texture packs and mods

– Only 20 dollars

– Makes you think and use your brain

– every map for single player is different. No map is the same

– lots of stuff to explore


– Graphics

– Glitches

I would rate this game 9/10

Here are some pics


Blackops review

Blackops is a decent game that was the most Successful game in 2010-2011. It Is the 7th game in the series. This game sold more than a million copies and made more than 1 billion dollars. This game is a very fast – paced game that will make you sweat. This game has lost most of its gamers now and most people have gone back to MW2. The campaign is better because of the control of helicopters, boats and much more. This has lots of excitment and surprises for you.

I think that Blackops is decent but not as good as MW2. The graphics is ordinary and not as good as Battlefield3 that is coming out soon. The best part about the game is that they brought back zombies from WAW. This time the zombies mode is different. The zombies is harder and more exciting. The objective is to get to the main hall where the teleporter and power is. Unlike WAW. The mystery box is in different places. When You buy a room, there is 1 out of 9 chance that you will get a mystery box. When you buy more rooms, there will be a greater chance of getting the mystery box.

Pros and Cons


– Zombies

– Good campaign

-Lots of guns in multiplayer

– Player customization for multiplayer


– OK graphics

– Only 4 types of snipers in game

– Bad storyline

I rate this game a 7/10

Father’s Day Fun!

Hey Readers!

Here is a little pre-Father’s day story for ya.

Here is the story: My family has some friends in BC and they had a little incident.  Apparently the father asked his 6 year old daughter to do something.  The daughter replied “No thanks daddy, I will listen and do it tomorrow since it is father’s day.  I think once a year is enough.”

Justin ~

Thanks Viewers!

Hi guys,  As you may know we have recently reached 100 views+!  Adding to that we did it in less than a week (4 days to be exact)!  To celebrate this milestone all of us at would like to deeply thank all of our viewers for helping us reach this great milestone!

Now lets reach 1000 views!


League of Legends Review

League of Legends.

For me I heard about this game from a good friend. I tried it because I trust his opinion and I think that all people that read this blog should consider trying it especially if you like 5v5 and 3v3 battle games.

I have no idea why there is not huge amounts of people playing it because it is truly a great game.  The game itself has great originality and creativity with over 70 champions (if you didn’t know champions are the main players in the game played by you) and counting with one or more coming out every 2 weeks more or less.  All champions have different spells and/or melee attacks.  This is what makes LoL so great with the vast playing possibility’s.

LoL pros and cons




-Originality and Creativity

-Many aspects on the playing field that will determine strategy and teamwork

-Great matching system (most of the time)

-Free to play!


-Some people will not have a great comp so expect lots of pre-game loading waiting

-Games take very long (30-sometimes even 90 minutes) so sometimes you will encounter people who have to “go” halfway through the game

-People may d/c if they dont have a decent computer

Anyways LoL is a great game with most if not all of the issues being caused by the gamers themselves. I rate it


Here are some pics

Thanks for the review from eragon99’s blog

Vancouver riot Picture Compilation!

Tear Gas!

You better come to Vancouver! I HEAR ITS A RIOT!

Flames and smoke from Vancouver seen in this picture.

Angry Canucks fans break store windows and rob it.

Thousands of cars were burnt down in the riot

Random people pose in front of burned cars and broken store windows to get their pictures taken

more looting

Signs show that the Canucks do hate Boston

Yo momma jokes

Here are some funny yo momma jokes. LOL

1. Yo momma so fat, people run around her for excercise

2. Yo momma so fat, when god said may there be light, he told her to move

3. Yo momma so ugly, when she looked out the window, people had to call animal control

4. Yo momma so stupid, when someone came to her and said that there was a blizzard outside, she ran out with a spoon

5. Yo momma so ugly, when she wanted to join the ugly contest, they said “sorry, only amateurs aloud”

6. Yo momma so stupid, She tried putting M & M’s in alphabetical order

7. Yo momma so stupid, She thought a quarterback was a refund

8. yo momma so stupid that when she worked at an M&M factory she said they where out of M’s and therer where only w’s