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Blackops wii DLC map pack info

You may know, Blackops for Wii now has a map pack. This map pack will come out on July 10th. I know I said this a little late and I apologize. Anyway, This map pack includes 4 multiplayer maps and 1 zombies map.

The multiplayer maps are called DISCOVERY, KOWLOON, STADIUM and BERLIN WALL

The one zombie map is called ACCENSECION

I do not know how much it will cost and how to install but I know that it came out a few days ago.

Here is some info for the maps

DISOVERY: This is a snowy  map just like Summit and WMD. This is a good map for snipers but has shown dislike from players.

KOWLOON: This is a city-night type map that is very confusing with buildings and roofs. This is great for domination because of the camping spots and hiding spots for defending the flag

STADIUM: This is just what it sounds like-a Stadium- This is a small map that is good for close combat fighting.

BERLIN WALL: This is a very unique map. There is 2 broken down walls with turrents on both sides and a gap between the walls. This is just like the map Cracked. When you look on your minimap, there will be some red parts between the walls. you do not want to step into it because once you do, the turrents will seize fire on you until you get out.

I do not know much about Accension but I do know it doesn’t have dogs but monkeys that steal your perks by hitting the perk machines.

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Blackops review

Blackops is a decent game that was the most Successful game in 2010-2011. It Is the 7th game in the series. This game sold more than a million copies and made more than 1 billion dollars. This game is a very fast – paced game that will make you sweat. This game has lost most of its gamers now and most people have gone back to MW2. The campaign is better because of the control of helicopters, boats and much more. This has lots of excitment and surprises for you.

I think that Blackops is decent but not as good as MW2. The graphics is ordinary and not as good as Battlefield3 that is coming out soon. The best part about the game is that they brought back zombies from WAW. This time the zombies mode is different. The zombies is harder and more exciting. The objective is to get to the main hall where the teleporter and power is. Unlike WAW. The mystery box is in different places. When You buy a room, there is 1 out of 9 chance that you will get a mystery box. When you buy more rooms, there will be a greater chance of getting the mystery box.

Pros and Cons


– Zombies

– Good campaign

-Lots of guns in multiplayer

– Player customization for multiplayer


– OK graphics

– Only 4 types of snipers in game

– Bad storyline

I rate this game a 7/10