Blackops – Sniping tips

When it comes to sniping, you have to keep calm and stay stealthy…

Here are some tips

1. If you are planning to be a sniper, then get the perk “ghost” which will keep you invisible from  Spy plane

2. Keep a trusty sidearm like the python

3. Keep calm and wait for your prey to come into sight

4. If the enemy is moving, then move the scope in front of him and shoot, chances are, it will hit him.

5. Hide in a camouflaged place.

6. Never confront the enemy and try to no-scope them (no-scope is dead,they patched it).

7. Use your sidearm if they find where you are.

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I personally hate camping because i can’t wait. But here are some good tips when you are camping

1. Camp somewhere where you can see everything that is happening and cannot be seen easily by your enemy’s

2. Camp somewhere where there is only one entrance(that you want to face) and a wall behind you. (e.g a corner)

3. Be aware that people spaz when they get killed and will hunt you down. They will either confront you or they will throw grenades at you. f they throw grenades, then be ready to run. You need a place where there ix time for you to run away.

4. Camping guns. Use shotguns if you want to camp and a side of python or python dual weld

5. Always have claymores or motion sensors close to you.

6. Camp in different places if you die so you don’t die because they know your there

Camping wil not always be a success and you may die more than you kill but its a good tactic!

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some of the best guns in Blackops is the Famas, Ak74u and the Commando.

Famas: the Famas has a excellent rate of fire and not much recoil. It is unlocked in the 20′s and is great. The Famas is an assault rifle and has a 30 ammunition clip and could be upgraded to 45 with extended mag attachment. The Famas is a great gun for rushing and attacking. When you hit the enemy directly, it will take you about 2-4 seconds to kill him(depending on accuracy).

AK74U: This is a good gun with moderate rate of fire. It is good with the rapid fire attachment. This gun is also good for offence and charging. The recoil of this gun is not so good. when you have rapid fire, you need to have the other attachment “grip” This attachment will help you reduce the recoil. Don’t use this gun without the grip attachment if you have rapid fire because it will be very hard to control the gun, and you would probably die. This gun is still decent without rapid fire.

Commando: This is a good gun with small recoil. The damage of this gun is also pretty decent. This gun is more for defence but does not mean it is good for camping. When i use this gun, I like the feel of it and I like how it reloads. This gun has a good rate of fire and won’t fail you (unless you suck or you run and can’t stop). The commando is unlocked in the 40′s and is less used.

hope this helped and hope you have fun and pwn some noobs!




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