Here are some funny yo momma jokes. LOL

1. Yo momma so fat, people run around her for excercise

2. Yo momma so fat, when god said may there be light, he told her to move

3. Yo momma so ugly, when she looked out the window, people had to call animal control

4. Yo momma so stupid, when someone came to her and said that there was a blizzard outside, she ran out with a spoon

5. Yo momma so ugly, when she wanted to join the ugly contest, they said “sorry, only amateurs aloud”

6. Yo momma so stupid, She tried putting M & M’s in alphabetical order

7. Yo momma so stupid, She thought a quarterback was a refund

8. yo momma so stupid that when she worked at an M&M factory she said they where out of M’s and therer where only w’s