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Game of the month

Just added a new game of the month!


We’re back

We have taken over a years break but now we are going to start posting things again!

Minecraft 1.0.0 Released

Thats right guys! Minecraft 1.0.0 is out! Its full of 1.9 pre release stuff. Go download it.

How to get Free Paypal Cash Legit!

Hey guys Justin here and today I am going to tell you how you can get free paypal cash! It is on a site called Rebelbucks. Heres some proof that I actually got paid!

Now see that the payments were for 3.05 and 2.14 in cash.
Here is the paypal image that shows that I have recieved payments.

So as you can see I have made around 5$ in a short day of doing offers. Another thing is that I am in Canada so I do not have many offers available to me but in the USA there are many free offers that bring 1$ + per 5 min offer. so if you work hard at it you can be making 15$ to 20$+ a day just from the offers.
Another good thing is that the Paypal minimum cashout is only 1$ so even if you dont do well you can still collect your earnings!

Get Paid to Take Free Surveys

Another good thing is that you get paid through Paypal! This is great because you can use Paypal for literally anything on eBay! I have seen people make over 1000$ from this program for some great extra income.
Another aspect of Rebelbucks is that most of the offers are free so all you need to make some money is time! There is also a great referral system that you get 20% of your referrals earnings. So if you get 100 referrals that made 5$ each, which is pretty easy by the way, you get an extra 100$ for yourself while your referals are still making their full share from the offers!
Also as you can see in the pictures above I have received payments very quickly after starting the program. This is one of the only sites like this that I have found that actually work many of the others are scams.
Get Paid to Take Free Surveys
So what are you waiting for! Go sign up now Here

1k views SPECIAL!

As you may know, we hae recently reached 1k views. To thank all you guys, we have a minecraft server both for cracked and bought versions!!!! For info on the server and how to apply watch this video here



Minecraft Herobrine REMOVED!

In the 1.6.6 update in minecraft, Herobrine was removed and many people were disappointed. I tried to summon him today but it didnt work.

Thank You

Hey guys!  Thank you for all of the visits to our review blog because we now have hit 500 views!  Thank you for all of your support!

PS:  If we continue at this view rate we plan on hitting 1000 views in about a month and a half!  So stay tuned!

Hey readers! Mini Ninja now has a youtube channel due to its recent success!  Be sure to subscribe to support us for more tutorials and reviews!  Channel name: ninjagametutorials

Hey guys I have made a video on how to survive your first night in minecraft!  Remember to rate, comment and subscribe to the ninjagametutorials channel!

Hope you enjoy! And have fun in all of your minecraft adventures!

Blackops wii DLC map pack info

You may know, Blackops for Wii now has a map pack. This map pack will come out on July 10th. I know I said this a little late and I apologize. Anyway, This map pack includes 4 multiplayer maps and 1 zombies map.

The multiplayer maps are called DISCOVERY, KOWLOON, STADIUM and BERLIN WALL

The one zombie map is called ACCENSECION

I do not know how much it will cost and how to install but I know that it came out a few days ago.

Here is some info for the maps

DISOVERY: This is a snowy  map just like Summit and WMD. This is a good map for snipers but has shown dislike from players.

KOWLOON: This is a city-night type map that is very confusing with buildings and roofs. This is great for domination because of the camping spots and hiding spots for defending the flag

STADIUM: This is just what it sounds like-a Stadium- This is a small map that is good for close combat fighting.

BERLIN WALL: This is a very unique map. There is 2 broken down walls with turrents on both sides and a gap between the walls. This is just like the map Cracked. When you look on your minimap, there will be some red parts between the walls. you do not want to step into it because once you do, the turrents will seize fire on you until you get out.

I do not know much about Accension but I do know it doesn’t have dogs but monkeys that steal your perks by hitting the perk machines.

thanks for reading