Left4dead2 is one of the best games I’ve played. It has good effects and sounds. One epic effect is when you melee  zombie with a machete, The blood from it sprays onto your screen. The graphics are just amazing.

The game is about 4 survivors that were left alone when an infection hit. The infection infected everyone except for them and the military. The military is looking for anyone who may still be alive. Your mission is to get saved, but it isn’t easy. There are zombies wandering everywhere. You travel to checkpoints and try to get picked up.

The singleplayer campaign is epic with the sound when a huge horde of zombies are going to aproach. In the campaign, Some levels will need you to hold onto a building or a rooftop until rescue arrives.

There are a few types of zombies.

The horde – Normal zombies that run fast but has little damage and effect.

The smoker – This is a dangerous zombie. He has a very long tongue that grabs you and pulls you to him. While he is pulling you, you will lose health. Eventually, he will grab you and start to slash you. He can be killed by a teammate so don’t be to worried if you get tangled in one.

The Tank – The most feared zombie. He is mutated and has no special power. His only way is brute force. He slashes people and make them fly into the air. He can also lift pieces of concrete and throw it at you.

The Charger – The charger is just what it sounds like, it charges at people and punches them. This is dangerous if you are by yourself. Your teammates can kill the charger easily but it deals a lot of damage

The spitter – Just like the charger, the name tells it all. It spits green goo that hurts you if you step on it.

The jockey – This zombie jumps onto your head and blinds you. It can drive you anywhere it wants you to go and it hurts you in the process.


Multiplayer is just like the campaign. except you can either be the zombie or the survivor. This is very interesting because you can see the zombie point of view. This is very addictive because you can feel what its like to charge into people, spit on them and other stuff. It is very hard for the survivors though, because now that the “special” zombies aren’t controlled by computers, they will have better strategies.

I reconmmend this game to anyone who likes to kill zombies and people who can take surprises.

Play this game, you won’t regret it (unless you are a wimp)

We do not take responsibility of any heart attacks and crying. This is not a game for little kids!

i rate it 8/10

League of Legends.

For me I heard about this game from a good friend. I tried it because I trust his opinion and I think that all people that read this blog should consider trying it especially if you like 5v5 and 3v3 battle games.

I have no idea why there is not huge amounts of people playing it because it is truly a great game.  The game itself has great originality and creativity with over 70 champions (if you didn’t know champions are the main players in the game played by you) and counting with one or more coming out every 2 weeks more or less.  All champions have different spells and/or melee attacks.  This is what makes LoL so great with the vast playing possibility’s.

LoL pros and cons




-Originality and Creativity

-Many aspects on the playing field that will determine strategy and teamwork

-Great matching system (most of the time)

-Free to play!


-Some people will not have a great comp so expect lots of pre-game loading waiting

-Games take very long (30-sometimes even 90 minutes) so sometimes you will encounter people who have to “go” halfway through the game

-People may d/c if they dont have a decent computer

Anyways LoL is a great game with most if not all of the issues being caused by the gamers themselves. I rate it


Here are some pics

Thanks for the review from eragon99′s blog   http://pcvideogamer.wordpress.com/

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